Terms of use

By using our services you agree to the following terms of use .

1:We may modify these Terms and any policies affecting the Site at any point of time, you are kindly suggested to subscribe to our official Discord channel server for any upcoming updates, announcements and maintenance schedules .

2: We take no responsibility for force majeure, forks or mining to incorrect wallet addresses which leads to losing your funds . For solid security we do not keep any funds above threshold , once a payout occurs it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your funds . We suggest activating MFA such 2FA when possible , VPNs , Password Generators , IP filtering and always confirm the URL of every crypto exchange you use , thus we highly recommend Binance along with Trust wallet, Do not download Wallets from non official wallet providers . Do not Share your wallet seeds , private keys or any exchange credentials with anyone pretending to be us we will never ask for them . Save your wallet seed offline and always encrypt before uploading to cloud storage . Stay Safe Stay Secure .

3: We only use analytics no cookies at all , we do not CoinHive you . DDoSSing us or doing any suspicious act will get you red flagged and eventually blocked. Funds on blocked Wallets will be refunded if above the threshold amount .However permanent ban might be applied on some suspicious personals all depending on the damage level might be caused by them to the pool , Wallets with a large number of workers connecting from different IPs "Botnets" are allowed no blocking as long as the shares are valid ✅. Moreover we do not sell your data to any third party, we do not take advantage of you , we do not track you in any other way .

4: Using Tor to connect to our services is not allowed at the moment .

5: We collect no more than 0.33% from every amount that the Miners receive . For all detailed TXs fees you may refer to the home page fees table .

6: We pay in PPS Pay Per Share for all non Binance wallet addresses & FPPS Full Pay Per Share for all Binance wallet addresses “Internal & not publicly tracked “ . Guaranteed payment only has no luck factor . Zcash miners must use transparent wallet addresses or BEP 20 in order to get paid by our API . Funds on wallets bellow minimum payout will be shared among active wallets if the wallet stays inactive for 30 days or more . ⚠️ Do Not Mine to a random username 👉 always mine to a valid wallet & only use a dot "Full Stop" to distinguish it from your preferred worker ID . 👉 DO NOT include the wallet prefix also called the coin identifier such ❌ bitcoincash: ❌ doge:⛏ ⛏ ⛏

7: We pay out once a day for all Wallets with Balances above the threshold amounts , delays may occur due to blockchain traffic . Do Not Panic , Funds Are SAFU , however, ⚠️ If a miner receives less than the expected amount from our average 24H Income, a miner must keep connected to get the compensation on the next payout otherwise a disconnected miner “wallet”  share will be redistributed among the active wallets only, Simply because we work with other pools which pays more for higher Hash rate + AKA "VIP Deals"+ our hosted ones sometimes delays happens due to Orphan blocks, network synchronizations, exchanges delisting, Binance Custody maintenance & for keeping pool hoppers + Hackers away we reset our DB on daily bases so worst case scenario a miner will only lose 1 day work. 

8:Please note that the Estimated Balance shown at the wallet page is not 100% accurate , due to our customized pool exchange system tracking market prices and arbitrage shots by the second to get the best possible price for your next payout , a little decrease or increase in balance prediction algorithm usually occurs , however Total Income is 100% accurate as any pool miner can confirm it from transaction records shown on the same page ,moreover the Estimated Balance will be shown on wallet page after a miner receives the first payout only then a miner can see estimated balance increasment .

9: We take no responsibility for mis- configured rented rigs from or . Make sure to read their instractures and configure it as required by them . We tested every Algorithm-Coin we offer & our pools are Compatible with " NH XNSUB " as well as MMR platform just Do Not rent very low diff rig on MMR it will flood your ASICs network interface & for NH higher delta "rejection %" it is just due to latency between each accepted share since NH uses high diff mining network aggregation & it should not affect the share value .

10: Adding new coin which is not listed on Binance is not possible due to backend compatibility requirements , & for all questions , complaints , and bug reporters contact us at Support@1pool.org We reply within 48 hours , or reach us at our official Discord channel for faster response .